new "itsJBsucka!" app for iPhone & Android 

I'm proud to announce that my very own mobile app is now available for iPhone and Android! Now you can stay up to date with my music and every thing I'm doing straight on your phone. Access my blog, listen to my new music, watch videos, catch my tweets and more. Download the itsJBsucka! app now in the Apple App Store and Google Play market.


What's poppin wit the population? Just keeping yall in the loop... You can now hear some of my music on Pandora internet radio, more songs to be added soon. For those of you that listen to Jango radio, I've had quite a few songs on there as well. As far as new music goes, I'll be releasing a new single soon featuring Kyle Owens. Much more to come. Stay tuned!

Valentine's Day Mixtapes! 

I got a mixtape for yall whether you're in love or doin your own thing, either way get both! 32 songs for free - new tracks, old ones, and some that werent released. In Love and Out of Love. Bump em today and leave comments. Click covers to download



 LLL2 is finally here fam! Worked hard on this project for about 7 months. Poured my heart into each track... all my fans consider Love, Lies & Lust a classic and to me the sequel is 50 times better. More like a double album, theres 25 tracks. Thats a lot of free music I'm giving yall! Make sure you download it asap and tell everyone you know. Rate it on and tell everybody you know on FB & Twitter. Follow me @itsJBsucka ...We'll also be premiering the trailer for my "Love Me While I'm Here" music video!


wussup world? 

    Wussup with it fam? Its been a minute since I posted so I figured I'd write and keep yall updated. First off I wanna thank all of my fans, new and old. I greatly appreciate the love and support. Especially those of you who have downloaded and been rockin Love, Lies & Lust, my Prepare for Flight EP, and the "Best Way I Can" single... I got some things lined up in the near future. Might be goin down to Texas to work on a project, I got some modeling jobs, gonna be on a mixtape backed by Island Def Jam, and a couple local shows. Also been working on Love, Lies & Lust 2, an album, and working on a couple artists that I have. I'll be sure to keep yall on track. Stay tuned to it... btw what yall think of my new song "Stack It Up"?


NEW SINGLE! "Rewind" check it out now

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Cool It 18
Dont Do All Dat 0
Love Me While I'm Here 0
Siddity 2
In Ya Face 0
Wiggle Like That 2
I'll Be With You 0
Rewind 0
Your Everything 0
It's Whateva 0
Beautiful Memories 0
Crashin' Down 0
I'ma Get My Piece 0
See Thru Me 0
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